Festive Box - Bunk's with Large Jars

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Prod. Code: FestBB-Large

### Packaging and contents are the same as the Festive Box - Bunk's  -but with 3 Large Jars instead of 3 Small Jars###
The Festive Box with Large jars is a Red or Holiday Box filled with Uncle Bunk's larger jars and other gourmet goodies.  Untie the wired bow and remove the lid to find your choice of three large jars, gourmet crackers, gourmet pretzels, and don't forget the chocolates!

The Festive Box - 3 Different Ways:
Medium Festive Box:    Mustard Relish Medium 14oz
                                           Rustic Pepper Sauce Medium 14oz
                                           14 Day Sweet Pickles 17.5oz
HOT Festive Box:    Mustard Relish Hot 14oz
                                     Rustic Pepper Sauce Hot 14oz
                                     14 Day Hot Sweet Pickles 17.5oz
Custom Festive Box:   Choose any three large jars
                                     Please designate your choices in the message box.

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