Large Gift Crate

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Our Large Gift Crates make great gifts!

THREE large jars packaged in a wooden crate made here in
West Virginia by a local toy maker. We'll even tie it up with
a bow and add a message to your gift card!
The Large Gift Crate can be ordered three ways:

Standard Medium Gift Crate:

Mustard Relish Medium 14 oz
Rustic Pepper Sauce Medium 14 oz
14 Day Sweet Pickles 17.5 oz
Standard HOT Gift Crate:
Mustard Relish Hot 14 oz
Rustic Pepper Sauce Hot 14 oz
14 Day HOT Sweet Pickles 17.5 oz
Custom Large Gift Crate:
3 Jars of Mustard Relish or 3 jars of Rustic Pepper Sauce....
You can make this any way you want  except.... you can only choose
one jar of Pickles!  2 jars of Pickles won't fit and 3 definitely won't fit!
We can make gift trays with three pickles (or 4, or 6 or you get the idea!) And we can also put them in a holiday basket!! 
Please call or e-mail for packaging choices and pricing.