Bunk's Basket

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              Our Most Popular Basket!

 The Bunk's Basket contains THREE 9oz jars packaged in a Holiday Themed Basket, Box or Tray. We can also add a personalized gift card.
The Bunk's Basket can be ordered three ways:

Medium Bunk's Basket:

Mustard Relish Medium 9 oz
Rustic Pepper Sauce Medium 9 oz
14 Day Sweet Pickle Chunks 9 oz
HOT Bunk's Basket:
Mustard Relish Hot 9 oz
Rustic Pepper Sauce Hot 9 oz
14 Day Sweet Pickle Chunks 9 oz
Custom Bunk's Basket:
Choose any three 9 oz jars.
Please designate your choices in the message box.

        If you would like to have gift card included with your basket let us know in the message field.